Custom Golf Club Fitting

Custom Golf Club Fitting

As your golf games improves it will become important to ensure your clubs are custom fitted to ensure they are the perfect match for you. Ideally they should be right for you physically so they match your hight and posture and they should be ideal for your swing speed.

Ian Kerr has been a PGA professional for almost thirty years and Ian is qualified to custom fit for most of the leading golf club brands. With a state of the art facility Ian can help to ensure you get the clubs that will suit your swing mechanics.

For a custom fit Ian will first assess how you hit your existing clubs in his private training practice bay and he will measure aspects such as your swing speed, hight and how your clubs impacts the ground and the golf ball.

In addition to his technical assessment Ian will use his extensive knowledge he has learned through the years to analyse your specific golf swing.

He will then make up a mock up of your the ideal custom clubs and you will then have the opportunity to test these clubs to see just how much they will improve your game.

Once your customer fitting is completed you can buy your clubs anywhere you like and Ian can recommend several well established retailers who will fulfil your order.

For more details and to get a quote for a custom fitting call Ian 059 9132878 or 087 231 8304